BeeperMD is a new at-home health care service that comes to you. It is bringing house calls back for sick visits and medical testing.

Generations ago, health care professionals made house calls that were personalized, private, safe and convenient. That at-home type of service faded away decades ago and has only been available as a VIP service for a select few at a very high cost.

BeeperMD is a new at-home health care service that comes to you.

“We currently service patients in Florida and New York,” said Lauren Berger of BeeperMD. “We do have limited operations in other states that we are expanding to this year. BeeperMD also services businesses nationwide.”

BeeperMD is bringing house calls back for sick visits and medical testing.

“Originally, one of our founders, Jeremy Gelbart, offered COVID testing to a local school to help get kids back in class. It took off from there, and before we knew it, we were testing thousands of clients at home as well as employees at some of the largest companies in the state and beyond,” Berger said. “Once Omicron hit, we were inundated with an unprecedented demand for testing. Despite successfully testing over 150,000 people across Florida during the Omicron phase of the pandemic, BeeperMD definitely experienced major operational challenges and a critical workforce shortage.”

As a small and growing company, this event was exponentially more than just growing pains. Most experts did not anticipate this demand to arrive as fast and furious as it has. Through this time of adversity, BeeperMD has learned how to be better prepared with managing and handling excessive demand.

“However, we believe a demand event of this magnitude is very difficult for any organization to maintain full preparedness along with successful execution,” Berger said. “We will always continue to improve every day and thankfully we have come out better on the other side of the Omicron phase of this pandemic.”

For at-home urgent care and COVID testing, you can simply call or make an appointment at, submit your information and a BeeperMD clinician will come to your home to examine and/or test you to diagnose an illness.

“Additionally, there is always a nurse practitioner or doctor connected to your appointment via video chat,” Berger said. “We generally test for symptoms related to COVID-19, flu, strep, respiratory infections and more. We also send appropriate prescriptions to your pharmacy.”

If you would like to learn more about BeeperMD, you can visit its website at

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