LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies offers six delicious flavors.

From hearing her college professor say her idea would never work to running a successful family business, LeAnne Crabtree knew the Lord had a hand in all of it.

“God put people in our lives. He built our base before I even knew it would be a company,” she said. And if you want a taste of heaven, her family’s secret fourth-generation recipe is close.

Now, LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies boasts six delicious flavors: fudge spectacular, coconut chip-a-roons, chocolate chip pecan, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter. Boxes start at a dozen cookies and range all the way up to its 72-cookie tower. It’s the perfect gift for a special occasion, a holiday or a thank-you. Each tasty treat is individually wrapped, so they’re perfect for sharing in office and education settings as well as at your next gathering.

Her daughter, Amanda, who just graduated with her bachelor’s degree, still does marketing. Also, LeAnne is so very thankful for her business coach and friend, Steve Hopper. He really built their social media presence and helped put them in a good spot despite the difficulties of the pandemic.

Now, she, under the direction of Hopper, is writing a book about her family’s story called God Has a Sweet Tooth. It tells the story of how an unlikely idea, when given over to God’s hands, became something so much more. LeAnne; her husband, Travis; and their family truly believe LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies is also a ministry, and their story is set to come out late this year or early next year.

Besides personalized gifts, LeAnne’s Old Fashioned Cookies is happy to be a part of your next corporate event. She’s looking forward to baking for the TASTE at The Straz on Saturday, April 9, where supporting the arts is sure to taste amazing. Mother’s Day and graduations are soon approaching as well, so you’ll want to get your order in soon. It really is the perfect gift for all occasions and celebrations.


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