Floor Interior Services is a local flooring contractor in Tampa. Guy Moulton of Brandon is one of its employees who has helped two local nonprofits get carpet donated to their organizations.

Floor Interior Services (FIS) is a local flooring contractor. One of its representatives, Brandon resident Guy Moulton, realized that they had quite a bit of overstocked flooring items in their warehouse and instead of trying to sell them for profit, he thought of donating these brand-new flooring supplies to two local nonprofits, Everyday Blessings and Family Promise, so they may benefit from a flooring upgrade.

“I work for Floor Interior Services, a great Tampa company owned by local people, Alex and Manny Marin, who do well in the community,” Moulton said. “The carpet that’s not sold at flooring companies often gets thrown away even though it is perfectly good. It’s just a very customized product and, once cut to a certain size, is difficult to resell.”

The carpet is still very good, and Moulton wanted it to be put to good use.

“It’s good carpet and I know it can go to good use locally to places like homeless shelters that are always needful of items to upgrade or fix up their facilities,” Moulton said. “When the VP of FIS, Steve Richards, and I discussed this carpet we had in the warehouse, we talked about it being donated, and he said to me to make it happen. My supervisor, Robert Perry, has been supportive in putting this together as well.”

Both nonprofits have aging carpeting, so the carpet donation from Moulton and his team was a blessing.

“They have aging carpet at their facilities and will use the carpet to replace the worn-out carpet they currently have, in addition to needing time donated to install the carpeting,” Moulton said. “I used to work in a homeless shelter, and I know how strapped the budget is for these places. They constantly need to be fixed up and the facilities are over capacity and used every day. It’s nice that I work for a company that cares about the community and I can be a part of it.”

Moulton’s sister-in-law, Jennie Novitske, referred him to these charities as well as Habitat for Humanity, which is also getting some of the new carpeting.

“She’s a family and church-oriented local woman who is also a realtor; it was kind of the perfect combination to ask about this sort of thing,” Moulton said. “She’s a very nice person who has been very helpful with all this.”

To learn more about Floor Interior Services, call 867-4712.

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