Valrico resident Heather Stokes Benton recently had a chapter published in the bestselling book Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur.

Throughout your lifetime, you may face some unexpected hardships which are challenging to overcome. Valrico resident Heather Stokes Benton, co-author and financial consultant/licensed insurance agent, took what she learned from those challenges in her life to help other women and families.

Benton was asked to be part of a book project by the She Rises Studios community. This book, Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur, is the second book in a six-book series, and Benton’s chapter is called “Faith, Focus and Financial Growth.” The chapter talks about Benton’s journey to entrepreneurship, the highs and lows, how she found a balance between running a growing business and more.

Benton stated her thoughts on being involved with the project: “I feel really honored and humble to be even considered.”

This book is written for women who are already in business as well as for women who are ready to launch themselves into the entrepreneur world. It is comprised of an anthology of 26 powerhouse, industry-leading women from across the globe who will inspire purpose-driven women to stand out, rise and thrive.

An e-book version of Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur was launched on January 25 and a paperback version was launched on February 1, which can be purchased on Amazon and soon in stores such as Walmart, Target and Walgreens worldwide. On the first day of the e-book’s launch, it achieved Bestseller in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada in six different categories. The book also hit the top 100 list and more. Benton is offering autographed copies of the book, which cost $24.95, including a free digital download, for those who order it through her website.

“Overall, it has been encouraging for me to just have the accountability as I represent this movement of Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur,” Benton said.

The hardcover will be available on Saturday, March 5.

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