Peggy Davenport is the owner of Davenport’s Daily Delights and your point of contact for all meals and catering needs.

By Sydney Burken

Want a quick, easy and delicious meal for lunch or dinner? Then Davenport’s Daily Delights is your go-to choice. This small business has been a staple of the Tampa area for 10 years by providing healthy and fresh meals. However, because of the national food shortage and supply chain issues, the owner, Peggy Davenport, had to restructure the way she conducts her business.

Fortunately, this small business has been lucky when it comes to the supply chain issues and food shortages.

“Thankfully, we have been tremendously lucky when it has come to the many supply chain issues and food shortages. We have certain items that are not available, so I’ve had to order them off Amazon at an extremely high price or modify the menu to not offer that particular dish during this time,” Davenport stated.

There are many other examples of these issues, such as a case of chicken going from $40 a case to $156 per case, a six-pack of 48-ounce bowls getting doubled in price to $12.99 and 2-gallon Ziploc bags now being $45 for 100.

In order to compensate for inflation, Davenport and her team decided that for summer they will work two long 12-hour days, getting two days’ worth of meals out in one day. This allowed customers to save on delivery fees and helped drivers and the kitchen crew save on gas money.

“Nobody in this country should be food insecure. We owe it to the members of our community to take care of each other,” said Davenport.

Davenport’s Daily Delights has been interviewed by four local stations this past year.

“It is incredibly fun to share our story and be real in the fact that small businesses are struggling and to let the people know to please not give up on us; we will never give up on them,” said Davenport.

There are many locations in the Tampa area that Davenport’s Daily Delights is happy to deliver to. For information about how to support this small business, please visit, its Facebook page @DavenportsDailyDelights or call 813-810-8513.

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