Alysha Marie Legge, fondly known as Aly Marie Legge, is an Army veteran, an activist, family lobby manager for Moms for America and founder of Moms For Freedom, an advocacy group dedicated to championing the basic rights of all families. A proud supporter of families with special needs children, children with learning disabilities, and children that are medically fragile and complex, Aly works closely with various freedom organizations across Florida to fight governmental overreach and to positively impact legislation that ensures parental rights are protected.

Aly is a staunch advocate for school choice and supports a curriculum that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, self-motivation and teaches all aspects of America’s history. She is committed to being an agent of change for the Hillsborough County School Board through collaboration, transparency and sound financial practices and seeks to establish an educational landscape that gives all constituents a voice, protects vulnerable students, prepares scholars for life after school and ultimately ensures that all students are put first.

Aly is a loving wife to her husband, Matthew, and devoted mother of five children, ages 3-13, one of which has special needs. She aims to bring a different perspective and collaborative approach to the school board. Collaboration equals success and that is achieved by parental/community involvement, consistent teachers and a supportive administration.

A parent’s right to choose what is best for their child should be uppermost in all board members’ minds when it comes to making decisions about what schools children attend, policy and curriculum.

Here is what we are going to accomplish with the R.I.S.E. Movement:

• Restore integrity and accountability to the district.
• Improve academic excellence.
• Secure financial oversight.
• Empower families, educators and staff.


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