“In over 30 years, there has not been a physician who has served in Florida Senate to represent the voices of patients. That is why I am running for Florida Senate District 16. I want to change this dire statistic,” explained Dr. Christina Paylan.

Dr. Paylan believes in a government that is representative for the average citizen and not just one group of citizens.

“Year after year, lawyers keep getting elected to Florida’s legislature to make laws about patient needs and health care when it is physicians, not lawyers, who know what is best for patients. Currently, 98 percent of Florida’s legislature is made up of lawyers, where lawyers make laws that fit their agenda while all other walks of life remain unrepresented,” she said.

Dr. Paylan is the daughter of an immigrant family. She completed her earlier education in California and moved to Florida in 2001 to work at Tampa General Hospital to complete her fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Dr. Paylan realized more than ever that a doctor or two in Tallahassee would have made sense.

Dr. Paylan is fiscally conservative but not an extremist when it comes to social issues.

“I believe in sensible laws that have common sense. If elected, I will work to erase all of the draconian laws that have been on the books in Florida for decades,” explained Dr. Paylan.

Dr. Paylan believes in the right of parents for choice (education) until their children reach the age of 18. She also believes in sensible gun laws that include background checks, an age limit and red flag laws with an additional provision in the law that triggers red flag immediately when large amounts of ammunition are attempted to be purchased. Dr. Paylan is an advocate for law enforcement but adamantly believes that such advocacy can only be when there is accountability and transparency by judges and prosecutors.

For more information, please visit www.paylan4statesenate.com.

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