Deliz Dental Studio, located in the BayCare HealthHub off Bloomingdale Avenue, offers its patients a personalized dental experience using advanced technology and clinical skills to ensure the best treatment options it can provide. The studio recently celebrated two years of having its doors open and defining the smiles in the community.

For many, going to the dentist is uncomfortable and often a source of anxiety, but Deliz Dental Studio prioritizes the comfort and peace of their patients by providing an experience “that feels like simply visiting a friend’s house,” said Will Deliz, DMD.

Deliz Dental Studio offers concierge experience to its clients by taking the time to get to know each client by name and treating them with kindness and respect throughout the visit. It believes they deserve better and fulfill this promise with better treatments, technology and care during each experience.

“We consistently add advanced technology and pursue new clinical skills, techniques and treatments to ensure you receive the best available outcomes,” said Dr. Deliz.

The practice also believes in transparency, about which Dr. Deliz said, “If we wouldn’t recommend it to our loved ones, we won’t recommend it to you.”

With this transparency, the dentists do not overtreat, judge patients or have hidden motives when recommending services.

With the help of his dedicated staff, Dr. Deliz tries to give his clients a fun experience through their own lighthearted attitudes, showing up with a smile and loving what they do to make the patient’s day and help them smile just a bit brighter with each visit.

Dr. Deliz and his employees provide implant, wisdom teeth, clear braces and cosmetic dentistry services Monday through Friday.

Through its social media platforms, the dental studio shares dental hygiene tips and explains why each of these tips are so important to implement in one’s daily routine. It also announces deals, reminders to patients and highlights passionate employees through online presence.

Follow Deliz Dental Studio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @delizdentalstudio to keep up with the latest news. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the website at or call 813-755-1800.

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