By Madeline Gardner

Opened on May 14, the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) welcomes the Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit to Tampa Bay, offering public access to the summer-only feature until Monday, September 5. Having traveled to numerous museums and institutions throughout the country, this exhibit provides a closer look at the supercontinent of Pangea with the help of animatronic dinosaurs and the study of paleontology.

Developed initially by Imagine Exhibitions, a world-leading corporation facilitating the movement of traveling exhibits and experiences, Dinosaurs Around the World is further made possible by the contributions of Dr. Gregory M. Erickson. World renowned and possessing a Ph.D. in dinosaur paleontology specifically, Dr. Erickson’s insight provides more information on what life was like for dinosaurs during the time of Pangea. He also tracks volcanic activity and the shifting of tectonic plates after Pangea that encouraged the migration of various dinosaur species, such as the Amargasaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex, among other reptiles around the world.

With sponsoring from Raymond James Financial and underwriting assistance by Hillsborough County, MOSI plans to fill the summer with exhibit-based activities, lectures and hands-on experiences until Labor Day weekend when the exhibit will close. In addition, the museum plans to provide modifications for its current floor space to better fit with the theme presented by Dinosaurs Around the World.

Through the purchase of a general admissions ticket, the exhibit is available to the public from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. MOSI’s new president and CEO, John Graydon Smith, remains optimistic and excited about the opportunities this exhibit brings and the impact it could have on members of the Tampa Bay community.

“Every community that has been lucky enough to host Dinosaurs Around the World has been rewarded with an immersive and educational experience that is a delight for all ages. From the youngest ‘future paleontologists’ to adults who have been fascinated by dinosaurs for decades, this exhibition has something for everyone,” said Smith.

For more information on this exhibit and MOSI, visit or call 987-6600.

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