Daniel Causey’s workstation in his home-based shop.

By Nick Edwards

Since the dawn of time, clocks have always been a time-telling treasure. However, like anything else, they can experience normal wear and tear. That’s why Hillsborough County resident Daniel Causey opened his own clock repair business, Happy Time Clock Repair. Being a full-service clock repair shop, Happy Time can repair just about any clock, including wall, grandfather, mantel, shelf and floor clocks.

“I love clocks and I love people, and I love clock people,” said shop owner Daniel Causey. What started as a fascination based on an old time-lock safe he found in his mother’s home progressed quickly into a hobby. With the help of online instructions and video tutorials, Causey was able to teach himself the ways of clockwork beginning in 2015, ultimately refining his skills before opening his shop about two years ago.

Though his shop is based out of his home, the majority of Causey’s work involves traveling to customers, offering an additional level of convenience. Once he begins working, he takes apart the entire clock, polishes all of the pieces and takes care of those that need repair. After that, the clock is put back together and runs on his test stand for at least a week. This allows Causey to ensure that everything is running smoothly before returning the clock to its owner. In total, the process takes about three weeks, according to Causey.

Causey’s passion for restoring classic timepieces is reflected in the quality of his work.

To him, he said, “It’s all about the preservation of these timeless works.”

For contact information, visit https://happytimeclockrepair.com/.

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