Kami Bellamah is the owner of Ninja Girl Defense and your point of contact for all party questions.

By Sydney Burken

As a woman, have you ever felt unsafe while in a parking lot, on the sidewalk or running errands when the sun is setting? Ninja Girl Defense should be your go-to self-defense classes. The owner of Ninja Girl Defense, Kami Bellamah, is a 5th-degree black belt and started this company in 2021, located in Riverview, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in hopes of allowing young women to learn how to defend themselves.

Bellamah started doing karate and taking self-defense seminars at the age of 4 and quickly moved up to being a 5th-degree black belt. She first started teaching women’s self-defense seminars in Maryland pre-COVID-19. In January 2021, Kami Bellamah and her family moved to the Riverview area and soon after started her business, Ninja Girl Defense.

Bellamah started the company in hopes of providing a more welcoming and safe space for women that karate and martial arts schools were not necessarily reaching. Her goal behind this company is to teach the young women safe ways to defend themselves. Bellamah initially started the Ninja Girl Defense concept for bachelorette parties, a girls’ night in, etc. and to make self-defense classes fun learning experiences.

Ninja Girl Defense parties are exactly how they sound; a safe, fun environment where women and girls are supporting one another and getting stronger. These parties can be made up of a singular person or a group of people. When booking a party, clients can choose the location, time, group size, music and what self-defense techniques to learn. Bellamah offers things like learning simple self-defense techniques, how to break a wooden board as well as certain boxing and punching techniques.

“I feel so strongly about learning self-defense because I feel as if a lot of women don’t discuss the scary reality we live in, as it is very easy to shy away from things that make us uncomfortable,” stated Bellamah.

Ninja Girl Defense parties are all about making women feel safe and having fun while doing so.

For more information on party costs and how to support Ninja Girl Defense, please visit www.ninjagirldefense.com, its Facebook and Instagram pages @ninjagirldefense, email ninjagirldefense@gmail.com or call 813-421-4099.

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