Jennifer Langston with Benson (left) and Cole (right).

By Deven King

With the pandemic and inflation, taking care of pets has become more expensive especially for pets that are sick or elderly. In Wesley Chapel, Jennifer Langston started Golden Ears Sanctuary to take care of such dogs.

Golden Ears Sanctuary is completely operated by Langston with the occasional help of volunteers; the caretaking, cleaning and the sanctuary’s social media content is all done by her.

The Sanctuary is complete with an acre of land, chickens, turkeys, a tortoise and five cats, and the dogs are entirely cage-free, have free access to the outdoors and have their own beds.

Currently, the Sanctuary has 18 dogs that all live with Langston in her home. Langston takes in dogs that are 10 years or older or have severe medical conditions and were abandoned by their owners.

Langston said, “Golden Ears was created as a sanctuary for senior hospice dogs. A lot of senior and extremely medical-needy dogs are abandoned at shelters or worse sometimes, so I strive to provide a loving home for the dogs.”

On the Golden Ears Sanctuary website, Langston has Amazon Wish Lists that people can purchase things for the dogs. The community is also able to help through donating money with AmazonSmile shopping, In Memory donations and donating regularly through the sanctuary’s website. People who work at businesses that double donations can also register Golden Ears Sanctuary in their company’s matching program.

On Saturday, August 20, the sanctuary will have its fourth annual Pins for Pups Bowling Fundraiser at Pin Chasers in Tampa. The cost is $20 and includes three rounds of bowling, shoes and a donation to Golden Ears.

Langston founded the sanctuary in 2019 after having two older dogs of her own that she couldn’t take care of anymore and giving them up to someone she thought could take care of them. But when she found out that the lady wasn’t taking care of them, she got them back and commemorated their memory by starting Golden Ears so she could help other old and suffering dogs, wanting them to have a caring and loving home as they pass.

For more information or to donate, call 813-789-3371 or visit

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