MaryAnne Coleman has seen great results after just a few weeks of treatment at Florida Diabetes Relief Centers with Rhoderick Manhattan, PA-C.

Retired LPN MaryAnne Coleman called a new Apollo Beach clinic, seeking relief from her diabetes symptoms after battling the disease for more than 20 years. She found a new business, Florida Diabetes Relief Centers, offering an insulin IV therapy that treatment customized for every patient that has the goal of reducing insulin dependence and reversing side effects from long-term diabetes.

“I read an article online about the clinic and I saw that it was in Apollo Beach,” said Coleman.  “I was having a real issue with neuropathy and I was trying to get relief from it.” 

Coleman didn’t want to rely on medication for pain or relief and was looking for a more holistic method of relieving her symptoms.

“My results have been amazing,” said Coleman who has been a patient for three months. “I think it was just after a couple weeks when the neuropathy was almost fully gone, along with the pain, and I have found that I don’t need as much insulin.”

Florida Diabetes Relief Centers provides a groundbreaking patented therapy called physiologic insulin resensitization (PIR), where insulin is administered as a hormone rather than a drug, “which allows us to address the primary cause of diabetes and metabolic failure at the cellular level,” said Dr. Eric Edgerton, D.C., owner of Florida Diabetes Relief Centers.

Coleman has enjoyed her treatments and appreciates the group setting.

“First of all, it’s a very well-run center,” she said. “I think that the idea to get people into a group setting to talk to other patients is very therapeutic. This allows us to network and discuss our issues and see if we have things in common.”

To start treatment, patients make a consultation appointment and go over treatment and insurance coverage options. A patient then goes into an induction phase, which can be one to two times weekly, and then finally a maintenance phase.

“The idea behind the treatment is to reverse the cellular damage caused by diabetes,” Dr. Edgerton.

The new Florida Diabetes Relieve Centers is located at 417 Apollo Beach Blvd. in Apollo Beach. For more information, call 813-322-6090 or visit

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