Tenth grade students take a picture during mud night at Camp Kulaqua.

By Arianna Hooker

Every summer, Camp Kulaqua offers summer camps; the summer camps at Camp Kulaqua are designed for church youth groups and are packed with God, fun and friendships that last a lifetime.

Two local churches, FishHawk Fellowship Church and Bell Shoals Church attended Camp Kulaqua this year from June 27 to July 1. Camp Kulaqua offers activities like horseback riding and go-kart racing, as well as a water park. Camp Kulaqua was founded in 1953 and is a privately owned organization.

Camp Kulaqua is one of the largest Seventh-day Adventist camps and is also open to families during the day. In addition to serving Christian groups of many denominations, Camp Kulaqua hosts school field trips and community programs. FishHawk Fellowship has attended Camp Kulaqua in the past, but this is its first time participating in the Camp Kulaqua experience in many years.

FishHawk Fellowship took over 150 youth students to Camp Kulaqua. The youth students stayed in cabins at Camp Kulaqua. They were set up with a busy schedule that included morning and night services daily, team time and other activities.

As part of FishHawk Fellowship’s activities, each grade level was assigned a team color and participated in daily team activities throughout the day to earn points for their team. In addition to the fun, FishHawk Fellowship also provided powerful and emotionally stirring services throughout the week from the worship team, the Zack Olsen Band, and camp speaker Curtis Andrusko, allowing students to experience God’s presence and grow closer to Him.

At Camp Kulaqua, the students were enabled to develop their relationships with God and others without distractions from technology. Bonding leading to lifelong friendships was one of the most prominent aspects of the experience at Camp Kulaqua.

The students were given the opportunity to cultivate long-lasting friendships at camp through activities such as team games and small groups after services.

Alex Mendez, youth leader at FishHawk Fellowship, said, “Camp is a great opportunity to grow strong connections with others.”

There is no doubt that stepping foot on the campgrounds of Camp Kulaqua is a life-changing experience for everyone who goes there. For more information, visit www.campkulaqua.com.

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