One of the many wine flights the White Oak Cottage Bistro offers.

By Ella Martin

Are you looking for a place where you can drink, dine and shop? If so, a new local restaurant called the White Oak Cottage Bistro is the place for you. Created by Shaunessey Dobish and her business partner, Melanie Bentley-Montanaro, this new restaurant aims to create an immersive experience for all visitors.

Located in Lithia, the White Oak Cottage and White Oak Cottage Bistro has become a one-stop destination that allows customers to eat and drink and shop. It’s perfect for a girls’ day out. The boutique has been around for years, as Dobish pursued her lifelong dream to own a design and home furnishing store. Dobish is also an established interior decorator and wanted to create a boutique shopping experience where she could display and sell many unique decor and furniture pieces that she uses in her design business.

Dobish explained why she wanted to create the bistro, saying, “When I was younger, I would go shopping with my mom and sister and then get food after, which were memorable moments for me.”

However, this restaurant is different from others, as it has an executive chef that creates high-end food and features deluxe wines from Idaho. Dobish and her family spend their summers in Idaho since they own a baseball league called the Spuds. This allowed Dobish to have access to many Idaho wineries that other restaurants don’t have. Due to the quality and variety of wines Idaho offers, Dobish decided to bring them into the White Oak Cottage Bistro.

It carries Ste. Chapelle wines from two wineries, Sawtooth and Ste. Chapelle. Guests can sample these premier wines by purchasing wine flights that include four glasses of wine which each have a 2 oz. pour. The bistro offers red wines, white wines and even fruit wines, which include flavors such as peach.

Currently, the White Oak Cottage Bistro is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. However, sometime in mid-August the bistro is going to expand its hours to include a dinner menu. The expansion of the menu will become a reservation-only dinner experience, as it will showcase elite meal selections. The White Oak Cottage and White Oak Cottage Bistro is definitely a destination that everyone should visit.

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