N Zone Sports Southshore is owned and operated by Nora Greenwell and her family.

N Zone Sports Southshore, a veteran and family-owned and operated business, is celebrating 50 seasons this year in Riverview this fall since opening in 2007. After being involved in the program as customers and parents of young athletes, Nora Greenwell and her family became the franchise owners of N Zone Sports Southshore.

In their 50 seasons, Greenwell and her team work to incorporate the values of teamwork, leadership, effort and sportsmanship into their practices and games. N Zone Sports Southshore offers multiple different sports, including popular flag football and soccer co-ed programs for elementary through middle school-aged students.

“At N Zone Sports Southshore, we build programs that allow children ages 3-15 to strengthen sports fundamentals and develop their skills while also revealing character and confidence,” said Greenwell.

Greenwell’s team includes 43 coaches and eight student volunteers that foster a love for recreational sports in over 350 young athletes. Practices for teams are once a week for about an hour and games are on Saturday mornings for an hour. Each season lasts six weeks, with an additional week of finals for qualifiers.

N Zone Sports Southshore prioritizes their welcoming environment for children of all ages and skill levels. It hopes to create a place for children to feel comfortable and grow in the sport they love.

“As a community, it is important for us to remember that children need these healthy outlets and social opportunities that involve face-to-face interaction in a fun environment,” explained Greenwell.

Greenwell took over right before COVID-19 hit when the owner sold the Southshore franchise to focus on the national N Zone Sports franchise brand. With the support of N Zone Sports Southshore’s loyal customers, it was able to successfully transition despite missing a season when COVID hit.

“It also makes us proud to see N Zone Sports players move out of recreational league and into competitive league because we know we provided a solid foundation for them to build on throughout their future sport endeavors,” said Greenwell.

For more information on N Zone Sports, visit its website at www.nzonesports.com/southshore or call 677-6826. For more information on the national N Zone Sports franchise brand, visit the website or email info@nzonesports.com.

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