Florida board-certified elder law attorney Laurie E. Ohall.

By Laurie E. Ohall, Florida Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even when the person’s death was expected, the reality of the loss can still be a shock. You may feel sad, angry, overwhelmed or even all these things at once. On top of all that, the tasks you may need to complete to wrap up your loved one’s affairs can seem overwhelming. Navigating both the emotional and the administrative aspects of a death requires patience, self-compassion and a willingness to ask for help when it becomes necessary. The following tips can help guide you through this process.

Allow Space for Your Grief

Many people take on administrative tasks after a loved one’s death because it distracts them from their grief. However, not paying attention to your grief may cause it to manifest in other ways. You may feel physical symptoms such as nausea, bodily pains or insomnia. Alternatively, you may experience irritability or lack of focus.

It is important to give yourself space and time to allow your emotions to process. You may expect sadness, but do not be surprised if you experience guilt, fear or anger. All these feelings are normal, and it is important to remember that grieving is not a linear path.

Get Organized

While staying busy may be a way to avoid emotions, it can also be helpful to keep organized. This does not mean always having something to do, but rather keeping a list of tasks so that you can prioritize and even delegate to friends or family who may be able to help. Sometimes, writing out a list can help you feel less overwhelmed.

Join a Support Group

After losing a loved one, it is easy to feel that no one could possibly understand how you are feeling. Joining a support group can connect you with others who have had similar experiences and may bring you comfort.

Ask for Help

Some people tend to withdraw from others when they are grieving. While small amounts of alone time can be helpful, connecting with people you care about is crucial during these painful days. Also, working with a therapist may help you move through the grieving process.

If you have administrative responsibilities regarding your loved one’s estate, especially if you are serving as the executor, working with a probate attorney will ensure that the necessary administrative tasks will be completed. This is the piece of the puzzle where the Ohall Kemper Law firm may be of assistance to you. If you need help with your loved one’s estate, Ohall Kemper Law is there to offer you guidance and support. Simply contact the firm at 813-438-8503 to schedule an appointment.

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