“Ms. Acosta has a disabled husband and four children she takes care of. They have a vehicle in disrepair, so this bicycle will enable Ms. Acosta to safely transport to work so she can earn income to support her family of six. Ms. Acosta was very excited to receive this donation.”

Many individuals have suffered this past year, finding themselves in situations they never could have imagined. Loss of a job, loss of affordable living … times are hard for many right now. A bicycle can be life-changing in so many ways. Bikes For Christ needs your help this Christmas season to continue to help those less fortunate.

Bikes For Christ currently partners with over 70 organizations in the Tampa Bay area by supplying bicycles as transportation to the clients with whom these agencies work. Its main focus is veterans trying to overcome hardships, underprivileged children, and anyone who is in need and is trying to climb out of the grips of poverty or the situation they are in. Along with every bike it gives out, it also provides a Gospel of John, as it wants that individual to know that Christ cares for and loves them.

Founder Pat Simmons stated, “Christmas is always the time of year when we reach out to the community for that extra bit of help we need. Plus, we always try to do something special as well. The past two years we have had the opportunity to send bicycles to children in Africa by partnering with The Tampa Bay Area Liberian Community Association, and we have close to 25 more on their way there this year. However, the need continues to be great here at home in our own community, so we are reaching out to ask for more assistance.”

At this time, Bikes For Christ is asking the public for donations of good, used bicycles in ‘adult’ sizes. Simmons said that “85 percent of the orders our partner organizations place is for men’s bicycles, and those are always the greatest need.” Bikes do not have to be perfect, but it does want them to be as close to rideable condition as possible. That way repairs can be done quicker and they can be in the hands and feet of the individuals who need them sooner. Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated as well. Donations options are here: www.bikes4christ.com/donations.

Among the many accolades Bikes For Christ has received, the most noteworthy was being honored with the 2020 WEDU ‘Be More Empowered’ award for “small nonprofit making the biggest impact in the Tampa Bay area.”

Bikes For Christ is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, EIN: 82-2374095. Its mission is to provide bicycles to those in need while also sharing the love of Jesus. Its main focus is veterans who are working to reestablish themselves, underprivileged children and anyone who is struggling and working towards self-sufficiency.

Visit Bikes For Christ at www.bikes4christ.com.

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