Tina L. Horton-Quant of Riverview, a wife, mother, author and the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Quant S.O.A.R. Inc. Horton-Quant released her book, Live to Fly, Learn to Soar, in December 2021.

Tina L. Horton-Quant of Riverview is a wife, mother, author and the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Quant S.O.A.R. Inc. As a former foster youth, Horton-Quant knows about foster youth’s experiences and hardships that they face as they enter young adulthood. She has a mission to improve the quality of life for children placed in foster care.

“As a former foster child now advocate, author, guardian ad litem and a board member of New Heights Destiny I have a heart for the youth,” Horton-Quant said. “I made the decision to do more, so I’ve currently embarking on opening my business, Quant S.O.A.R. Inc., to serve foster youth in the capacity of life skills, empowerment and self-advocacy.”

Horton-Quant released a book, Live to Fly, Learn to Soar, in December 2021.

“This book is my personal account of what is taking place within foster care from ages 5-19 and how I am where I am today,” Horton-Quant said. “I walk the reader through my timeline of being in various different placements, which majority of them had concerning red flags and further victimized/traumatized me and my sibling.”

The book is a page-turner that grips the heart strings but also offers the silver lining that raises awareness and lets the reader join alongside Horton-Quant as she decides to stand up and speak up for foster children.

“I was led to write it by my faith and belief that my pain is my purpose, and I refuse to do it for pity, as I lived it and overcame it and I’m advocating for my demographic because we matter,” Horton-Quant said. “I desire more to be done.”

Horton-Quant has many hopes for her book and the impact it will make.

“I want to cause a national/global movement that ignites our society and those in positions of authority to begin to form a think tank to strategically provide positive solutions that yield immediate, effective remedies to the licensing and vetting process of being a foster parent as well as the way case managers are to work cases,” Horton-Quant said. “It begs to have someone like me speak to the needs of the child, and as a guardian ad litem it’s a role I value and take very seriously. I refer to myself as an ambassador for foster children.”

If you would like to learn more about Quant S.O.A.R. Inc. or if you’d like to read Horton-Quant’s book, visit www.quantsoar.com.

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