With the trees and flowers blooming, sunny days, blue skies and breezy nights, springtime has arrived. Spring is an exciting time for people to seek a fresh start to a new season. Many of us should take this as an opportunity for a new start in our spiritual walk. I look at springtime as an occasion to clean and declutter my physical space, but I also love this season because it offers a chance to do a little spring cleaning in my soul and wash away hurts and disappointments to make a new space for growth to happen.

As Easter is approaching, this is a perfect time for spiritual spring cleaning in our hearts and minds. Maybe it’s time to clear the clutter of unmet expectations. Dust away old resentments and scrub your heart clean by forgiving past hurts. Let’s invite God to show us what needs to get cleaned up in our lives in order to be more joyful and content.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” — 2 Corinthians 5:17. Happy Spring!

Searching for Spring: How God Makes All Things Beautiful in Time
By Christine Hoover

In this book, readers will find themselves on a treasure hunt for beauty in both familiar and unexpected places. Framed by the changing seasons, this journey will awaken affections for the Creator. For all who are in the midst of suffering, who find their faith withering, who are questioning whether God is at work or even present as they wait for something in their lives to become beautiful, this book will be a welcome reminder that God never stops his redemptive work and that there is a time for everything under heaven.

Springtime for Your Spirit: 90 Devotions of Hope, Joy & New Beginnings
By Michelle Medlock Adams and Andy Clapp

Whether you’re looking for those first signs of new life to burst through the soil, hunting Easter eggs with the kiddos or seeking a closer relationship with Jesus, it seems we’re all searching for something to bring us hope, joy and a new beginning. That’s why this book is the perfect devotional for such a special season. With biblical lessons carefully woven into spring holidays and happenings that we experience only during spring, this book will be a springtime inspiration.

Spring: A Season of Hope 90-Day Devotional
By Broadstreet Publishing Group

Spring. It’s a season of hope. A season of excitement and change. A season of growth and new beginnings and watching flowers bloom in the garden. We spend time enjoying God’s beautiful creation, strolling in parks or watching birds from the window. We plant seeds, and water, and wait for signs of new life. This 90-day devotional will encourage you to spend some time with God, celebrating his amazing handiwork. Experience expectation, joy and excitement during the season of hope.

Spring Cleaning for Your Heart and Home: Praying Your Way to a Clean House
By Amy Terry

This four-week, 55-page journey will encourage you to practice holy housework as you invite Jesus to be your constant reason and companion for spring cleaning. It will help you purge your closets and drawers to live more freely and lightly, both physically and spiritually. Then you will move on to cleaning your master bedroom, children’s rooms, kitchen and living areas. The author connects the area being cleaned to scripture in a creative but purposeful way. You will never look at spring cleaning the same way again.

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