A new exhibit called The River of Grass, featuring the Everglades, was created for the UNESCO World Heritage Collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

The Everglades Foundation has announced a new digital exhibit called The River of Grass. The exhibit features the immersive photography of Lucas Martinez, a student from Palmetto Bay. The exhibit was created for the UNESCO World Heritage Collection on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

The project was launched during the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the 75th anniversary of Everglades National Park. The exhibit contains not only photographs but also captions that highlight the intricate history and ecology of the Everglades ecosystem.

The UNESCO World Heritage Everglades Exhibit is an online exhibit.

According to Begone Cazalis, director of communications for The Everglades Foundation, “The exhibit was created to expose people to the singular beauty of the Everglades, its functions and restoration efforts.” Cazalis curated the exhibit along with The Everglades Foundation science team and the photographer, Martinez.

The exhibit was created in partnership with VISIT FLORIDA. The enchanting views help illustrate the ecosystem’s various habitats, wildlife, hydrological systems, history and its connection to the South Florida communities that surround it. But more importantly, the Everglades is an important natural resource for the entire state of Florida.

Eric Eikenberg, CEO of The Everglades Foundation, said, “Everglades National Park is a world treasure. It has been an honor to partner with VISIT FLORIDA to showcase this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only U.S. location on the List of World Heritage in Danger due to the serious and continuing degradation of its aquatic ecosystem.”

Google Arts & Culture is a noncommercial initiative that works with cultural institutions around the world to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online so it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. This project to digitize heritage, which was created on the platform in partnership with UNESCO, offers a glimpse into dozens of World Heritage Sites around the world to help bring awareness and protection.

The Everglades Foundation, which was founded in 1993, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to restoring and protecting the greater Everglades ecosystem through science, advocacy and education.

The exhibit can be viewed by visiting https://artsandculture.google.com/.

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