Patty Fry (right) worked on many of the pieces for the Newsome Band, including pushing instruments and props onto the field during games and competitions, as well as fundraising at events and with local businesses.

The schools in the FishHawk community have seen many great parent volunteers throughout the years, though one of the longest and most dedicated volunteers has been Patty Fry.

Fry has always loved volunteering in her children’s schools and was involved in FishHawk Creek PTA, Randall Middle School and Newsome High School PTSA and Band Boosters, along with many other extracurricular activities her children have participated in.

As Fry’s last child graduates from Newsome, her 12 years with the band are coming to an end.

“When I think about what makes a great band parent, Patty is the perfect example,” said Christian Finch, the first band director Fry worked with at Newsome High School. “She is patient, kind and always positive. She’ll never let the kids go hungry, she is supportive of the vision of the program, but most importantly always willing to help.”

To honor Fry for her work with the band, the boosters have begun a new volunteer of the year award in her name. Going forward, a volunteer will be named by the executive board of the Band Boosters each year, whose name will be added to a special plaque that will hang in the band hall.

“It was a big surprise, and I am extremely grateful and honored to have been presented this award. As a previous teacher, I believe that volunteering is vital in schools and the community,” said Fry.

All four of Fry’s children have participated in musical extracurriculars since they were young, and music has become a huge part of their lives. Along with other musical ensembles, all of her children played in the Newsome High School Marching Band. As Fry was already part of the Randall Middle School Band Boosters, it felt natural for her to continue into Newsome’s Band Boosters when her oldest moved to Newsome in 2011.

“I have enjoyed working with other volunteers, getting to know them and building meaningful friendships,” said Fry, “but my favorite part of volunteering was chaperoning the students. I enjoyed getting to know the students and being a part of their band years.”

Everyone involved in the Newsome band wants Fry’s name and legacy to live on as she moves into a new chapter in her life. With the Patty Fry Volunteer of the Year Award, she will be recognized in the years ahead.

For more information about the volunteer of the year award or Newsome Band, please contact Amy Metz, president of the Band Boosters, at

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