Bloomingdale High School’s Thomas Schilling, Makenna Mach, Zekira Snow, Simon Castillo, Michael McGee, Mekhi Thomas, Derek Owens and Christian Bodnar broke 12 school records. (Not pictured: Bodnar.)

Bloomingdale High School’s track and field team broke 12 school records this season. Eleven of the new record holders will advance to the states meet after their exceptional performance at the district and regional meets.

Senior Thomas Schilling broke the 25-year-old school record for the fastest 3,200-meter, running the race in nine minutes and 44 seconds.

Simon Castillo set the record for the 400-meter hurdles, completing the hurdles in a minute.

“He’s an all-around athlete,” said coach Dale Batemen. “He’s our hurdler specialist.”

Mia Courtney set the record for the women’s 400-meter hurdles as well with a time of one minute and 17 seconds.

Makenna Mach broke a 12-year record after her 800-meter run with a time of two minutes and 16 seconds. She also set the record for the 400-meter dash.

“She’s got a great stride. … She just has had the work ethic since [she was a] freshman and is coachable, takes in what you’re saying and goes with it,” said coach Nikki Porter.

Senior Zekira Snow beat a 12-year long record in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.05 seconds. Snow also set the school’s 200-meter and long jump records.

“Zekira is just a hardworking athlete, just a great kid. She’s out on the track every day. … Just over the past four years, I’ve seen her grow and blossom into the athlete she is on the track,” said Porter.

Charles Coney set another record in field events this year with the school’s longest javelin throw of 144.5 feet.

Bloomingdale’s 4 x 100 relay team of seniors Mekhi Thomas, Michael McGee, Christian Bodnar and Derek Owens set a record with a time of 42.18 seconds.

The men’s 4 x 400 team set a record as well, with Wisny Cherident on the first leg and McGee, Bodnar and Owens following.

The women’s 4 x 400 team set a record time of four minutes and six seconds, with Sabrina Flowers, Mach, Kimmari Glenn and Snow racing together.

“They have to trust each other to know when to take off,” explained Bateman about his relay teams.

Fourteen track and field athletes advanced to the states meet for Bloomingdale. For more information on Bloomingdale’s track team, visit their Instagram @bdalexctf.

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