Everyday Blessings, established in 1997, provides a safe, family-like home for large sibling groups or children with exceptional needs who are in foster care.

Everyday Blessings, established in 1997 and located in Lithia, provides an alternative to traditional foster homes in that they provide a home for large sibling groups or for children who have exceptional needs.

Its location can provide a home for up to 30 children ranging in age from birth to 17 years old. The children live in one of three homes with two house parents. The children have their own beds and may be in rooms with their biological siblings or others who are close in age.

Jillian Traurig, development director for Everyday Blessings, said, “The full-service model that we use with caregivers gives kids the opportunity to feel comfortable with their caregivers. They can develop positive relationships with adults while at the same time learn how to communicate effectively with their peers.”

Sibling groups often get placed with Everyday Blessings, which is licensed by the state of Florida as a child-caring agency, when a traditional foster care home cannot accommodate a large sibling group.

Traurig explained, “Our residential team works with many different foster care providers to help get youth in need to us because of the services we can provide for them.”

Everyday Blessings partners with local churches and service groups like the Plant City Elks, who provide dinner for the children every Friday. It also partners with local businesses such as Central Maintenance and Welding Inc. and TECO.

Children can stay with Everyday Blessings until they find a permanent home. According to Traurig, “The length of time may be nine months or it may be two or more years. On average, youth in foster care spend at least two birthdays away from their families or birth parents.”

The goal of Everyday Blessings is, according to Traurig, “For them to return or go to a new, positive permanent placement where they can transfer the skills and knowledge learned at Everyday Blessings to become confident and successful adults.”

Traurig added, “There is no limit to the services that we will provide. We are passionate about understanding the needs of each and every youth and working with agencies of all kinds to help them grow and thrive.”

If you would like to help, Everyday Blessings is in need of supplies such as packaged snacks, juice boxes, goggles, swim shoes and pool towels so that their children can attend summer camp.

For more information, please visit www.everydayblessingsinc.org.

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