Join Heart of Adoptions Alliance and Children's Network of Hillsborough at Astro Skate Brandon on Friday, June 23 to meet with children who are looking to be adopted. Heart of Adoptions Alliance supports children, families and birth parents through the entire adoption process and beyond.

Connecting children in need with loving families is a challenging but rewarding responsibility.

Heart of Adoptions Alliance Inc. (HOAA) works hard to not only support children and families but expectant and birth parents as well through adoption events, support groups and more.

In collaboration with Children’s Network of Hillsborough, Heart of Adoptions Alliance Inc. is hosting its first Adoption Skate Party on Friday, June 23 from 6-9 p.m. at Astro Skate Brandon. Along with a night of fun with skating and pizza, this event allows for children in foster care to meet with adoption-ready families in an organic way. By creating a fun and healthy environment, children and families alike are able to feel comfortable interacting and create connections.

To participate, families must have an approved and current adoption home study at the time of registration; this is an essential component of the adoption process. Families are encouraged to reach out to their home study coordinator and request a copy to be submitted.

Heart of Adoptions Alliance offers domestic and international adoption placement services as well as post-adoption support for families adopting from foster care. The organization has many online resources, including a blog with educational information and tips for families and expectant parents.

There is a tremendous need for families to adopt children from and working with Heart of Adoptions Alliance ensures you will be supported from the moment you decide to adopt.

“The future is grim for these children without our help and it is easy to comprehend that children can’t thrive without a loving and permanent home,” said Anthony Todaro, chief marketing officer at Heart of Adoptions Alliance. “In fact, they wind up in our criminal justice system, and mental health, teen pregnancy and homeless populations are in strong numbers.”

If you are looking to adopt or are an expectant parent seeking help, please call 813-559-0035, text 877-202-9624 or visit If you are interested in attending the Skate Party, please request for your home study to be submitted to

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