Hope for Her, formerly known as the Women’s Resource Center, has helped thousands of women and their children turn their traumatic lives around.

Hope for Her is a local nonprofit that provides a safe place for women experiencing crisis and trauma in their lives. Trauma can be as a result of abuse, divorce or loss of income. Hope for Her provides women in need with strength, skills and support they need to rebuild their lives.

How does Hope for Her do this? It helps women rediscover their strength and self-confidence. This is done by identifying and moving beyond barriers that limit financial, emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Hope for Her connects women with a licensed counselor. It also offers classes on coping, Bible study, support groups and exercise classes.

The first step on the path is to make sure that the affected women and their children have the basic needs, such as food, clothing and housing. Hope for Her works with other local nonprofits and community resources to accomplish this.

Moreover, Hope for Her offers one-on-one coaching and individualized programs, including an employment program. An individual in need will receive a personal job coach who will help them create a resume, search for a job and get ready for interviews, as well as provide appropriate clothing. Once a job is secured, she will receive two weeks of clothing appropriate for a business setting.

Women also receive financial coaching, which is customized for their situation. During this time, they learn how to create an appropriate budget, how to save and, most importantly, how to shop within their means. The women basically learn how to take control of their own finances.

In addition, Hope for Her offers courses on nutrition and parenting.

Hope for Her was formed 16 years ago by Cheryl Hickman, who had it all until she lost it. Her personal experience led her to create Women’s Resource Center, which is now known as Hope for Her. Over the years, Hope for Her has helped over 4,500 families.

For more information, please visit www.hopeforherfl.org.

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