Faith-based Film Between Mercy And Me To Release In Theaters One Night Only In June

A new faith film — Between Mercy and Me — is set to challenge societal norms and spark honest and raw conversations around sensitive topics, including racial relations, societal changes, dating within the church and beyond. The award-winning faith film features an original musical score and performances that delivers a unique cinematic experience. The movie will be available in theaters nationwide on Tuesday, June 20, for one night only, through Fathom Events.

Between Mercy and Me has already garnered awards from several notable film festivals including ‘Best Musical Soundtrack’ at the International Christian Film and Music Festival and ‘Best Screenplay’ at the New York Movie Awards.

Between Mercy and Me centers around Hugo, a talented musician and worship leader. As his community begins to shudder under the impact of tragedy, Hugo sinks into the emotional circumstances of the world around him. His pastor challenges him to produce new music, something a bit more inspirational, in hopes of uplifting the congregation.

This is a must-watch film for all who desire to learn more about having honest, authentic, and more meaningful conversations, To find a participating theater visit

35,000 People Hear The Gospel During Franklin Graham’s God Loves You Tidewater Tour

Evangelist Franklin Graham concluded his God Loves You Tidewater Tour last month in North Carolina. Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) partnered with over 885 churches for the tour.

The six-day tour drew an attendance of more than 35,000 people.

“Night after night we have seen hundreds and hundreds of people respond to the good news of Jesus Christ,” said Graham.

“Here in the Baltimore area, the hurt and pain is evident in many communities,” Angel Núñez, a pastor in Timonium, Maryland, said. “Drugs, violence, human trafficking and hopelessness reign. Many people are broken, and they have lost all hope,” he continued.

Last fall, Graham wrapped up his 2022 God Loves You Tour in Minnesota. During the six-city tour, the good news was preached to over 50,000 people.

More Than 60,000 Students Gather For Worship Event At University Of Oklahoma

A Christian revival at University of Oklahoma’s Memorial Stadium drew thousands after a ‘Fill the Stadium’ mission set out to restore faith among America’s youth. The star-studded event featured performances from Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper as well as religious artists like Chandler Moore, Kari Jobe and more.

The event appeared to have roughly 30,000 people in attendance, the University of Oklahoma’s student paper reported.

Pulse Ministry had been organizing the event since last fall. Pulse Ministry’s founder, Nick Hall, said he believes the current American culture is driving young people to turn to their faith.

“I think this generation, they’re looking for something real, they’re looking for something powerful. And Jesus is the most powerful, loving, invitational human being. The Son of God, he changed the world. And I think this generation is looking for Him,” said Hall.

In the past year, more than one-third of 18 to 25-year-olds say they believe in a higher power, according to a recent survey of young adults. That is up about one-quarter from 2021, with many attributing the surge in faith to the pandemic. The hope is that this event will bring hope and unity to the community.

Dolly Parton Opens Up About The Role Of Faith In Her Life And Career

Beloved country music icon Dolly Parton has recently opened up about the profound influence her Christian faith holds on her personal life and illustrious career, emphasizing the indispensable role spirituality serves as a compass to guide her life’s path.

In a heartfelt interview with Fox News, the 77-year-old singer shared her testimony, expressing how her faith has been an encouragement and resilience throughout her life. “My faith impacts everything that I do because I do believe that, through God, all things are possible,” Parton confessed. “And so, I always ask God to bless everything that I do and the people that I work with and to bring all the right things and right people into my life and to take the wrong ones out.”

Parton’s faith has also led her to collaborate with Christian music artists, winning Grammys with both Zach Williams and For KING & COUNTRY.

Chris Pratt Boldly Quotes Scripture Amidst Relentless Criticism Over His Faith

Hollywood star Chris Pratt, best known for roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, has often been vocal about his Christian faith. This openness, in an industry often seen as secular, has not gone without criticism and controversy. Yet, Pratt remains steadfast and unapologetic, showcasing an inspiring adherence to his beliefs.

At a recent screening for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Pratt faced the topic head-on, acknowledging the criticisms over his faith.

“That’s nothing new, you know. If I was of this world, they would love me just like that, but, as it is, I’ve chosen out of this world. That’s John 15:18-20,” said Pratt.

He further emphasized, saying, “That’s the way it is, nothing new — 2,000 years ago, they hated [Jesus], too.”

Pratt’s reference to biblical Scripture and his equating of the disdain for his faith with historical persecution of Christ, cements his place as a Hollywood figure unafraid to openly embrace his Christian faith. Despite the scrutiny, Pratt shows that faith can be an unshakeable foundation, a source of strength amidst criticism.

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