AdventHealth Medical Group Urogynecology in Tampa Bay provides treatment options for women with pelvic floor disorders. The types of pelvic floor disorders can vary, but overall, they are very common. In fact, one in three women will have a pelvic floor disorder in her lifetime.

What is a pelvic floor disorder?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that act like a hammock to support organs such as the bladder, uterus and rectum. Women sometimes develop pelvic floor disorders as they age, or because of various other reasons, like childbearing, hormonal changes and other illnesses. Some examples of pelvic floor disorders include overactive bladder, stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, which can cause symptoms such as urinary urgency, urinary leakage and vaginal bulge.

Help where you need it, when you need it.

AdventHealth’s skilled urogynecologists are pelvic floor experts who are ready to help women live their best lives with confidence. The first step is getting an accurate diagnosis. With several bladder and bowel testing procedures, including cystoscopy, urodynamic testing and more, they’ll pinpoint the cause of bothersome or painful symptoms — and work together to provide treatment options that meet each patient’s unique needs.

Once diagnosed, a patient’s treatment plan may involve physical therapy, and in some cases, surgical repair. If surgery is needed, surgical procedures can range from inserting a mid-urethral sling to having a minimally invasive hysterectomy, or many other types of minimally invasive pelvic floor procedures.

While talking about pelvic concerns can feel personal or sensitive, it’s important to advocate for patients to advocate for their own health. Because, left untreated, these disorders can disrupt the activities of daily life and keep women from feeling whole.

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