A kitten Place works hard to help heal any cats that come its way.

By Keiko Moral

A Kitten Place (AKP) was established with a mission to give cats and kittens with challenging medical conditions the best chance at survival and a safe environment. This amazing program helps the most vulnerable members of our feline community. A Kitten Place focuses on providing individualized care to each rescue, doing its best to provide a happy and healthy life.

“AKP specializes in rescuing neonates (who must be bottle-fed around the clock), special needs (including paralyzed kittens), kittens needing amputations or eye removal, kittens needing extensive diagnostics,” said Michelle Bass, who established the rescue with Alicia Pollock in August 2019.

Recently, A Kitten Place has expanded its program, significantly increasing its capacity to help those in need. With its intake now averaging 250 cats and kittens at any given time, the organization is making an even greater impact. This expansion has been made possible through partnerships with two local cat cafes, Sassy Cat Club Cafe in Brandon and Purrology Cafe in Lakeland. The cafes are a great place to visit after a stressful day or as a family outing, and there are always cats waiting for cuddles. These collaborations have not only allowed A Kitten Place to save more animals but have also led to an increase in successful adoptions.

In another exciting development, A Kitten Place has been invited to become an adoption partner with PetSmart Charities. This new partnership has resulted in the establishment of its own adoption center at the Brandon PetSmart, located off SR 60 at 1051 W. Brandon Blvd. This new facility allows AKP to showcase more of its kitties to a receptive audience of potential pet owners, increasing the chances of finding loving forever homes for these pets.

The community can play a vital role in helping A Kitten Place save more lives. Volunteering is invaluable, with opportunities available in fostering, transportation, events and as PetSmart Kennel volunteers. Additionally, monetary donations play a pivotal role, as the program incurs an average of $15,000 in monthly expenses to provide the necessary care for these vulnerable creatures.

Those interested in supporting A Kitten Place, such as learning more about donating funds, can visit its website, https://akittenplace.org/, or fulfill its wish lists on Amazon and Chewy.

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