HCPS was awarded a $1.5 million dollar grant for literacy with a goal of bolstering student achievement.

Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) has been awarded a multiyear Florida Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) program grant for $1.5 million to target literacy for children from birth through 12th grade (B-12). The grant is funded through the Florida Department of Education.

The CLSD program will include local high-need early childhood programs and nine high-need HCPS schools, including five elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school in a feeder pattern throughout east-central Hillsborough County. The grant will serve over 6,500 traditionally underrepresented children across the B-12 continuum, specifically students with disabilities, English language learners and economically disadvantaged children.  HCPS has strategically designed the CLSD grant activities to meet the needs of the students identified in the targeted feeder pattern.

The goals of the CLSD project are to build the capacity of students’ knowledge and use of evidence-based reading practices, improve teachers’ use of evidence-based practices in the classroom, increase PK-12 student literacy outcomes and reduce the achievement gap. The comprehensive strategy focuses on providing a robust array of professional development on evidence-based reading and literacy practices, training parents/families on how to interpret student data and determine resources that can be used to address achievement gaps and strengthening the vertical articulation across the B-12 continuum, including student instruction that is aligned to Florida’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) Standards for English Language Arts.

HCPS expects this CLSD project will result in gains in student scores on formative and summative assessments and improved literacy outcomes for pre-K-12th grade students within the identified feeder pattern. The CLSD grant activities are specifically designed to bolster student achievement by creating seamless articulation and maximum access for families and students living in the targeted communities.

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