Planet Fitness’ interior gym has various kinds of workout equipment for free use of teens.

By Avery Ranieri

Planet Fitness, one of Riverview’s most popular gyms, offers a high-quality fitness experience, and this summer it is offering it to teens for free. High school students ages 14-19 can hop on healthier habits with the various kinds of equipment the gym has to offer. From treadmills to pull-up bars and dumbbells to elliptical trainers, this fun and free way to workout pushes local students to improve their overall fitness.

Planet Fitness’ High School Summer Pass allows teens to build muscle and cardiorespiratory endurance, as well as potentially reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Another benefit for members with this pass is the locality, as it is easy to go with friends and have a good time while exercising.

This program extends through Thursday, August 31 and offers to “supercharge your summer.”

Manager Mike Marcues said, “We’re just trying to keep kids active over the summer, hopefully helping them build good healthy habits.”

Teens who participate in the program are also able to build their self-confidence, as Planet Fitness strives to create a workout environment where everyone feels accepted. The staff are welcoming and work hard to maintain a sanitary environment, contributing to the constant upsurge in members’ attendance and improvement. The expert trainers and patient team of staff alongside Marcues are always there to lend a hand. No matter where an individual is on their journey to get fit, the indulging professionals will always be an accessible guide.

As if working out to create healthy habits wasn’t enough, the top 10 schools with the most sign-ups throughout the summer will win a $10,000 grant. This money can be put towards new athletic equipment, field renovations or health and wellness classes. Plus, Planet Fitness is giving away another $200,000 to high school students. To be eligible, they must have registered for the High School Summer Pass and have participated in a video contest for the chance to win a scholarship.

If your teenager is interested in getting fit for free, they can go to Planet Fitness’ website at, download the free Planet Fitness app or visit any Planet Fitness location. Working out in adolescence promotes good health, resulting in maintained weight, reducing the risk of developing specific medical conditions and controlling stress levels. The benefits are endless, so make sure you sign up today and begin your journey to a healthier kind of happiness. Planet Fitness Riverview is located at 9822 U.S. Hwy. 301 in the plaza at Boyette Road and U.S. 301.

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