The BolaWrap is sometimes referred to as the electric lasso.

By Avery Ranieri

Two years ago, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office had an innovative idea for preventing excessive force in emergency situations. The product BolaWrap was soon utilized in hopes to reduce threatening armory in the hands of someone who committed a felony.

Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies Inc., stated, “BolaWrap was designed to be the next best option after verbal commands fail — and to be used well before any other pain-inducing options — to restrain a subject being taken into custody.”

This leads to fewer abuse accusations toward the police force and the one convicted of a crime. The hard work put into this product has been reintegrated to offer a safe and efficient alternative to traditional methods that may be forceful or painful.

“The BolaWrap solution embodies the unwavering commitment to Wrap’s no-harm guiding, providing a crucial tool that empowers law enforcement professionals to maintain safety and security while minimizing the risk of injury to all parties involved,” stated Mullins.

This stun-gun-like machinery is beneficial to have handy in unnegotiable circumstances. This is because it makes work easier and safer for the police and brings in subjects who have broken the law while preserving their rights. BolaWrap has already expanded to over 1,000 agencies in the United States and 60 countries nationwide. This allows officers all over the world to demonstrate and manage complex public safety scenarios.

Master Deputy and BolaWrap master instructor David Hoffman of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said, “If the BolaWrap deployment, either alone or in combination with other tools or tactics, results in getting the individual restrained without injury or additional force, it can be seen as successful.”

The proficiency of a deputy being able to do their job is dependent on the willingness of the subject. Intense reactions can also solidify more fines for the individual under arrest, and BolaWrap is able to prevent those from stacking quickly. Two years later, in the present day, the police force and Wrap Technologies fully intend to further the expansion of BolaWrap, eager to smoothen the conflicts in public safety and communication.

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