Some of the resident models of Osprey Heights Gracious Retirement Living in their stylish outfits sponsored by Dilliard’s.

By Keiko Moral

Osprey Heights Gracious Retirement Living, a haven for vibrant and active seniors, recently turned the spotlight on its residents with a spectacular fashion show. The event, generously sponsored by Dillard’s, showcased the elegance and style of these residents, proving that age is no barrier to glamour and fashion.

Jane Carter, a resident known for her creative spirit, played a pivotal role in planning the fashion show that entertained her fellow residents.

“I had planned and carried out two other events that were very successful and well received. As I was laying in bed one night, I had the idea of the fashion show. Most of the models agreed to be in it, and Dillard’s agreed to furnish the fashions. A real partnership between Dillard’s and myself was born. Management at Dillard’s was spectacular to work with,” said Carter.

While Carter was unfortunately unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, her presence was felt in every meticulously planned detail. With her boundless enthusiasm, Carter spearheaded the conceptualization of the fashion show, leaving a mark on the hearts of all those who participated.

Throughout their lunch, residents were treated to glimpses of fellow residents strutting down the aisle, showcasing an array of outfits. The runway was their dining area, and every table was a front-row seat to the evolving parade of fashion.

The residents displayed their fashion choices, bedecked in the latest fashion trends provided by Dillard’s. The audience was treated to a captivating display of outfits, from casual to sophisticated elegance, as the residents owned the spotlight.

In a heartening display of community spirit, the management of Dillard’s stepped forward to not only sponsor the fashion show at Osprey Heights Gracious Retirement Living but also to go the extra mile in ensuring the residents felt truly special. As the fashion show unfolded, Dillard’s management extended their generosity by offering personalized shopping experiences and even opening their doors early to cater to the elderly residents.

But the fashion show is just one example of the vibrant life at Osprey Heights. This spirited community is known for its calendar brimming with engaging activities. Up next on its agenda is an eagerly anticipated casino night. Residents and guests alike are gearing up for an evening filled with games, laughter and camaraderie.

Osprey Heights is located at 2808 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico. For more information, call 813-652-0922 or visit its website at

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