Rodgers Middle School’s robotics team with their well-earned trophy after presenting their robot at 2023's Robofest National Championship.

By Avery Ranieri

Rodgers Middle Magnet School’s robotics team recently won first place in the Jr. Exhibition at the 2023 Robofest World Championship. Year-round hard work and dedication led bright young minds to create a humanoid-type robot designed to work with children in hospitals. The robot’s job is to follow medical staff as they move around the hospital during an emergency response.

The robotics course at Rodgers teaches students to think outside the box and find solutions for real-world issues through manufacturing. Some examples of workable solutions previously covered in the class are hurricane rescue, wildfires and alternative energy.

Rodgers Middle’s robotics teacher, Michael Wilson, explained, “We study technological changes that have changed society, not just building robots. Students have to present their ideas and their solutions to others in the classroom and have to learn to work on teams at all positions.”

This ensures the enhancement and engagement of students, who will be faced with different obstacles that they must work together on to overcome.

After coaching robotics for almost 10 years, Wilson shows a special kind of passion and interest in his position and is confident in new students and the future success of his previous ones. Regarding the Rodgers students who were part of 2023’s Robofest World Championship, new doors opened to potential scholarships and impressive college applications. The students specialize in robotics, but that is not where their talent draws the line. Robotic innovation stems from all kinds of science and art, using skills that are efficiently taught and equipped throughout the year.

The robotics team was presented with awards at the end-of-the-year ceremony, but Wilson made a good point when he said, “Making the team is already special recognition.”

After being featured on Fox 13 and in Tampa’s Parent Magazine for the robotics victory, Rodgers is eager to see how far students can go this year with a new spark of motivation and a set example. The confident administration and new principal, Adam Lane, believe in their students and encourage them to try new things while always trying their best.

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