Beefcrafters started its farm in 2006 but has only been selling its products to the community over the last few years. Kelley and Richie Longanecker are the owners of the beef business.

Beefcrafters is a family-owned Angus beef cattle operation located in Lithia.

“We are a registered Angus farm,” said co-owner Kelley Longanecker. “We raise production cattle, but we also raise beef for sale for the local community.”

Beefcrafters started its farm in 2006 but has only been selling its products to the community over the last few years. Kelley has a degree from the University of Florida in animal science with a meat specialization and has an agribusiness background, which allow her to select and grade cattle for their carcass traits in choosing the best quality beef. Kelley has coached several state champion meats evaluation teams and competed multiple times at the national level in meats evaluation.

Richie Longanecker, Kelley’s husband and co-owner of Beefcrafters, began Big Timber Cattle Company in Lithia and uses EPDs (expected progeny differences) evaluations to breed cattle, which helps contribute to marbling and carcass traits in raising quality Angus beef.

The mission of Beefcrafters is to produce Angus beef that is exceptional in taste and quality. Its beef is upheld to the highest standards. The couple share a true passion of raising production and beef cattle in their home state of Florida.

“Our knowledge of raising cattle and doing a lot of research is what sets us apart from other beef producers in the area,” Kelley said. “Putting the best product out there for customers and our family is our priority.”

The Longaneckers also raise a few Wagyu cattle.

If you ask the Longaneckers what they like most about what they do, they will tell you they love the cattle and the beef industry.

“One of the things that makes us so successful in raising these animals is that we make sure we do all the work ourselves,” Kelley said. “Putting out a good product and making sure our consumers feel they have purchased a good product as well.”

Keeping things local is extremely important to the couple.

“It’s very important,” Kelley said. “We live in this community and we like being a small business that is accessible to our community. This makes a true farm-to-table business.”

If you would like to learn more about Beefcrafters or the beef products it sells, you can visit its website at or call the Longaneckers at 813-967-3443.

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