Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. hosts Music Bingo Nights every Tuesday and Thursday to help various local organizations raise money.

The heart of Valrico pulsed to the beats of bingo and the cheer of community spirits as Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. hosted another successful Music Bingo Night on October 5. Going beyond its reputation for quality brews, the local brewery showcased its dedication to the community by raising a remarkable $5,200 for the Newsome High School Golf Teams. 

A harmonious blend of music, fun and philanthropy, the Music Bingo Nights at Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. have evolved as a community favorite. Hosted every Tuesday and Thursday evening, these events serve not just as a lively hotspot but also as a beacon of community support. Originally hosted on only Thursday nights, the event soon proved to be in-demand enough to add Tuesday nights to the rotation. Since the first music bingo fundraiser about 4 years ago, the fundraiser nights have raised an astounding total of over $100,000 benefiting various local entities, including schools, charities, sports teams and churches. 

“We’re not just about brewing great beer; we’re about brewing a strong community spirit,” said Jamie, a key figure at Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. “When you see the community come together to support its own, be it a school or a charity, it’s an indescribable feeling. And we’re proud to be a catalyst for such events.” 

The success of the recent fundraiser for the Newsome High School Golf Teams is testament to the community’s enthusiastic participation and Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co.’s commitment to giving back. Each week, participants have fun with rounds of bingo where music replaces numbers and enjoy prizes, excitement and the warm feeling of contributing to a good cause. 

Local organizations looking to be part of this exciting venture and benefit from a bingo night can reach out directly to Jamie at jamie@bullfrogcreek.com

Located in the heart of Valrico, Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. is more than just a brewery. It’s a hub for community events, a supporter of local causes and a place where memories are brewed. Committed to quality and community, it remains a proud staple of Valrico’s vibrant fabric. For those who haven’t yet experienced the buzz of its Music Bingo Nights, or the top-notch brews on offer, Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. invites one and all to its premises at 3632 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico.

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