Sumner High School will perform 'White Christmas' with its large cast of students.

Sumner High School Theatre Department is hosting its second annual Christmas musical with its performance of a classic holiday movie and Broadway show.

Sumner’s cast and crew of 55 students will perform White Christmas the Musical on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1 at 7 p.m.

Enrique Garnica and Davian Jiminez will lead the performance as Bob Wallace and Phil Davis. Alongside them, Paige Janusek and Lexi Powell will play the Haynes sisters.

“You definitely have to have crooner pipes to pull off that number, and we have the perfect young man for that part,” director Holly Talley said about Garnica.

Powell, playing Judy Haynes, brought more personality to the Haynes sister in the musical adaptation of White Christmas. Powell’s friendship with Jiminez also brought an added level chemistry to their performance, playing off each other well.

“That’s really probably what makes them the most enjoyable is how comfortable … they were from the very beginning with each other and willing to try things and laugh through mistakes,” Talley said.

The sister duo was completed by Janusek, playing Betty Haynes.

“She has a beautiful voice, but she’s also really good at adjusting to the sound,” Talley said. “She just does a really good job of adjusting to the sound and the quality and style that’s needed for whatever production we’re working on.”

Preparations for the performance began over the summer when Talley hosted tap lessons for a four-minute tap routine. This opened the door for new students to bring their dance skills to the cast. Talley said learning the routine has been one of the most challenging parts of the production.

“The kids have worked so hard, and it has been a lot of fun and they’re very excited,” she said.

In addition to expanding her cast, Talley, who grew up loving tap, finally had the chance to learn the dance genre. To help learn the routine, she turned to Carrie Mitchell’s online lessons, The Happy Tapper. The online lessons taught students the steps and allowed them to create their own routine.

“They have been real troopers and stuck with it. So, we’re really excited to let everyone see what we have prepared,” Talley said.

The musical will be performed at Sumner High School. To purchase tickets, visit

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