The entire cast and crew pitched in to make every aspect of the film 'Guard My Heart' come to life how Kareem Everison imagined. The team was grateful to be part of 'Guard My Heart.'

A Tampa resident who has loved living in the area for over six years has poured his passion back into the community.

Kareem Everison filmed his most recent movie, Guard My Heart, around the Tampa Bay area, most notably at Chill Cawfee in Valrico.

The film follows security guard Devin Williams as he puts a stop to burglars at his close friend’s art gallery and leaps into action to “guard her heart.”

Everison wrote Guard My Heart with Mike Mcclaskey, someone he considers a mentor. He also played the role of guard Devin Williams. Everison said this film is important to him because as a security guard and martial artist himself, he relates to the film. By leaning on friends, family and community members to be a part of the film, Everison knows that his heart is shown in the movie.

“In this movie, I got the opportunity to have the fight scenes choreographed by my brother, Alvin (Ace) Eberhardt, from The Nappy Ninjas stunt team,” said Everison, “as well to showcase some of my own original artwork.”

Because the film called for a few scenes that showed a coffee shop and many that needed an art gallery environment, Chill Cawfee was the perfect local place.

“Being part of this experience and helping local artists was truly an honor,” said Tom Quigley, owner of Chill Cawfee. “Everyone involved supported our coffee shop throughout the process and we are excited to see and share the final movie with our customers and community.”

“It’s an incredible feeling making a movie here,” said Everison. “I’ve been in some movies that were made here before but there is no better feeling than making one of your own.”

Everison would like to thank all cast and crew, including Judith Ricquel Harris, Amanda Jensen, Joshua Dupree, Alexia Rivera, Amanda Manez, Alvin C. Eberhardt, Prestin Caine, Axel Aponte, Walter Ashaad, Henry L. Hill, Jude Barthelemy, Misty Elliott, Haley Blair, Jim McDowell, Gordon Adams, Alexis Baca, Mal Delgado, Raymond Sostre, Christine Najera, Oscar Najera, Blake Drivas, Cheyne Miles, Marie Gilmore, Samantha Kasner, Jeff Turner, Michael Baker, Jose A. Roldan Jr., Steven C. Wilson, Kylee Nicole Peck, Joel Goldberg, Angelene Tzokas, Susan Chaves Anchia, Ashley Comstock, Jocelyn Alfonso and Andrew McGarr.

Once the film is ready, it can be seen at the premiere at the Cinema 6 theater in Port Richey and will eventually be available on streaming platforms. For more information, you can email Everison at

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