Sarah Tabet with her mom, Natalie Tabet, at her graduation from Newsome High School in 2019. Sarah and Natalie both teach English at Newsome High School this year.

A happy workplace can be described as one big family. Education is often lauded and encouraged to be a family affair. At Newsome High School, you will find both an atmosphere with deep family-like connections and family members teaching side by side.

Natalie Tabet and Sarah Tabet are mother and daughter, as well as colleagues in the English department at Newsome High School.

Principal Katie Rocha speaks highly of the way the mother-daughter duo works together.

“This dynamic duo exemplifies the power of shared passions and mutual understanding. With their love for literature and language, they complement each other’s strengths, inspiring and guiding students to reach their fullest potential. Their harmonious collaboration creates an atmosphere of creativity, growth and unwavering support within the English department,” Rocha said.

Natalie and Sarah have been at Newsome together for two years — the first was when Sarah was a senior in high school and the second is this school year working together as English teachers.

Natalie said she benefits from seeing the energy and passion Sarah has in the classroom.

“Teaching with Sarah has been fantastic. She helps me gain a better perspective of ways to inspire students because it wasn’t that long ago that she was in the classroom as a student,” Natalie said.

The two have a supportive relationship and collaborate often. Sarah said she is well aware of how much the relationship benefits her as a first-year teacher.

“I have the best possible built-in resource I could possibly ask for, who is always willing to share lesson plans or advice,” Sarah said.

Natalie admitted that the biggest challenge of being colleagues is that they both have strong personalities. Sarah said the biggest challenge can be separating their professional life from their personal one.

According to Rocha, the personal bond between the mother-daughter duo is special and exemplifies the strong nurturing environment of Newsome. Without a doubt, the impact on their students is exceptional.

“We constantly remind one another that when classroom activities are motivating and rigorous, students excel in ways we never imagined,” Natalie said.

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