Hillsborough County officials, Office of Community Impact staff, Affordable Housing Services staff and Tampa Family Health Centers staff attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Housing Is Healthcare.

Hillsborough County’s Office of Community Impact celebrated its grand opening of Housing Is Healthcare, which brings health care to the doorstep of those who need it most. The grand opening was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting on November 16 at Kensington Gardens, located at 6008 Farmington Oaks Place in Riverview. Housing Is Healthcare is a new mobile bus that will bring free basic health care services to low-income neighborhoods.

Hillsborough County, in partnership with Tampa Family Health Centers, is planning for the Housing Is Healthcare mobile bus to visit affordable housing sites to reach residents who may not have access to affordable health care services. The program will offer a holistic approach to health and wellness services by providing residents with not only basic medical services but also behavioral health, chiropractic care and dental care.

The link between housing and health care has been extensively studied. Many low-income residents suffer from chronic disease or disability and find it difficult, if not impossible, to get the health care they need. People face insurmountable challenges in accessing care. A mobile medical bus such as Housing Is Healthcare could be the prong in helping to minimize financial barriers for patients that can be long term and sustainable.

Cheryl Howell, assistant county administrator for the Office of Community Impact, said, “The Hillsborough County Housing Is Healthcare initiative, in collaboration with the Tampa Family Health Center, represents a pioneering effort to intersect housing and health. By synergizing efforts to navigate health care systems and enhance built environments, the initiative improves the access and knowledge of healthy living.”

Howell added, “Through our partnership with the Tampa Family Health Center, we leverage their expertise to empower communities in understanding and accessing health care resources. This collaboration not only offers solutions to access health care resources but also fosters enduring community resilience. Together, we are advancing a holistic approach that can potentially transform the intersection of housing and health care.”

The schedule and locations for the Housing Is Healthcare mobile bus will be announced soon. For more information, please visit the Housing Is Healthcare events page found at www.hillsboroughcounty.org or call 813-272-5074.

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