The Library2Go staff brings the library’s resources to residents on the go.

Library2Go extends Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative’s services across the Tampa-Hillsborough area through the program’s mobile library.

The original bookmobile was made possible during the Great Depression through the Works Projects Administration, but it looks much different in 2024. The Library2Go van offers wireless internet for personal devices, wireless printing and access to library materials.

Library2Go stops at 42 locations to serve residents who cannot utilize the services offered at the library, including elderly, disabled and underserved areas.

“Our goal is to make sure all Hillsborough County residents, no matter where they’re from or their general disposition, have access to full library services because Hillsborough County’s library is a tremendous resource. We offer a plethora of resources and services that are invaluable,” Library2Go supervisor Michael Robinson said.

Robinson said the most rewarding part of working with Library2Go is seeing the happy faces of the residents they serve.

“Getting to these locations and seeing that people are genuinely happy to see us [is the most rewarding part],” he said.

Robinson said Library2Go sees around eight to 15 people at each stop. These residents utilize the internet and book services offered in the van, but residents can also register for a library card at the stops.

“We’re a full library on wheels,” Robinson said.

He said the service is an alternative for residents who are not as familiar with the online resources already offered through the library.

“We’re still looking to grow the service, so there are ways for residents of Hillsborough County and the sites in which they live to reach out to the county library,” Robinson said.

Library2Go also allows readers to place a hold on library materials, pick up their holds and return library materials. They can also see a selection of books, videos, magazines and DVDs.

Residents can order Library2Go to their area if the van does not already stop near them by contacting the library.

“We’re anxious for people to request the service to be brought out to them,” Robinson said.

For more information on Library2Go, visit or contact 813-204-2678. The schedule and map of Library2Go’s stops is available on the website as well.

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