Kit Werremeyer is a Riverview resident and author. He recently released his second book, ‘Understanding and Negotiating Construction Contracts.’

Kit Werremeyer is a Riverview resident and author. He recently released his second book, Understanding and Negotiating Construction Contracts.

“My book was written specifically for small to medium-sized construction companies who are the backbone of the entire U.S. construction business,” Werremeyer said. “My first edition was out in 2006, and the second edition came out this past September of 2023.”

Werremeyer wrote his books because he wanted to share his long-term U.S. and international experience, which is more than 40 years of successfully negotiating fair and balanced commercial terms and conditions in construction contracts.

“Both editions of the book review typical commercial terms and conditions found in construction contracts and provide guidance on how to lower or eliminate the risk they pose,” Werremeyer said. “Both editions are designed specifically for those small to medium-sized construction contractors, typically called subcontractors, who are continually faced with risky and unfair commercial terms and conditions demanded by owners, large general contractors and large EPC contractors. Small and medium-sized construction contractors are the backbone of the construction industry in the U.S., and even internationally.”

Werremeyer is happy that his books have helped many local, small construction companies in the area.

“Currently, both editions of the book have sold a total of approximately 5,000 copies,” Werremeyer said. “The book’s content is also the basis for my two-day in-person course of the same name. I have provided this two-day course 55 times to small and medium-sized construction contractors in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. I travel to the client’s location to present the course as well.”

Werremeyer’s books are currently available on multiple websites, including,, and in both softcover and Kindle.

He hopes local, small contractors will want to read his book.

“My hopes are that small to medium-sized construction contractors and subcontractors will use the guidance in my book to be better able to negotiate less risky, fairer and balanced commercial terms and conditions in their construction contracts with clients,” Werremeyer said. “There’s no real financial interest for me. My real interest, always has been and continues to be, is to help small to medium-sized construction companies achieve more fair and balanced contracts.”

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