Dr. Kyle Mullan took ownership of the Champion Wellness Valrico office in 2020 and has been excited to lead the team in helping the community heal in a holistic and safe way.

Champion Wellness, nestled in the heart of Valrico, stands out among chiropractic offices in the Tampa Bay area. Champion Wellness caters to a diverse range of people, from individuals in pain to athletes seeking peak performance. Dr. Kyle Mullan, the sole physician at the Valrico location and co-owner of the office, brings a unique approach to chiropractic care.

Champion Wellness distinguishes itself through specialized focus on spinal correction. Unlike traditional chiropractic offices, Champion Wellness employs a comprehensive approach that addresses spinal alignment. This holistic method yields a range of benefits, from alleviating scoliosis and tension headaches to correcting hip misalignment.

“It is not an office where a patient simply lays on the table, gets popped or cracked and leaves,” said Mullan. “Spinal corrective care is a process that addresses the spinal alignment, including the hips, the muscles attached to the spine and the nerves that exit the spine.”

Champion Wellness offers a promotional rate of $25 for the first two visits to Osprey Observer readers. This includes a consultation, necessary X-rays and personalized treatment recommendations from Mullan. If there is any insurance the patient would like to potentially use, please bring it in on the first visit so the office may verify the benefits.

On top of all the services offered in the office, Mullan offers many other ways to educate yourself about health. The easiest and quickest way to learn more is to watch one of his many video tips on the Champion Wellness website. Mullan teaches about a variety of topics, including things like at-home pain relief tips, supplements and more. Mullan also offers workshops for Workplace Wellness where he teaches about fitness and stress, and the office hosts a Dinner with Doc once a month where you can register for a free dinner workshop and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your health.

Mullan pursued a demanding academic path, earning his International Baccalaureate diploma from Clearwater Central Catholic High School before majoring in biology with a minor in business at the University of Florida. During his undergraduate years, Mullan conducted research at the UF Cancer and Genetics Research Institute. He then received his Doctor of Chiropractic license at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange. Mullan also performed his preceptorship under Dr. Tim Bain, the chiropractor for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“I realized the stereotypical medication-based track was not what I had passion for,” said Mullan. “Instead, I had a passion for getting people off of pain medications and reversing the opioid epidemic, as opposed to having the potential to encourage it.”

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for healing, Champion Wellness and Mullan continue to redefine chiropractic care in the Tampa Bay area, one spine at a time.

For more information, please call the office at 813-409-3304 or visit www.championwellnessvalrico.com.

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