Barrington Middle School’s boys’ basketball team won their first county championship.

The Barrington Middle School boys’ basketball team won their first county championship after playing an undefeated season through trust and teamwork.

Head coach of the Bolts Jed Hough coached 20 athletes, 16 of whom were new to the program this year. Eighth grader Trajan Henson was the only returning shooter who played all three years of middle school at Barrington.

“He really grew this year from being a good individual player to being a great leader on the floor also,” Hough said about Henson.

Second-year athlete Zaivier Colon also stepped up to lead as “the emotional heart on the team.”

“He was always there with the right energy, encouraging players when they needed it and holding them accountable when appropriate,” Hough said.

The growth and teamwork among the boys drove the team to the playoffs and eventually the county championship.

The Bolts defeated the Martinez Middle School Mustangs 44-39 in the final, capitalizing on late turnovers and making key shots to secure the championship title.

“Our defense played great and wouldn’t let them get the shots they wanted. It was a close game all the way through, but we made the plays we needed at the end,” Hough said.

Hough has coached at Barrington since it opened 15 years ago, most of which he coached alongside a parent. This was his team’s second trip to the finals.

“We were down in several of our last games, but they kept grinding and made the plays they needed to make. Their confidence was always there,” Hough said about the undefeated season.

The Bolts’ practices were competitive, but Hough said it built trust in the team. The boys learned to trust each other to do their job and be where they were supposed to be, which showed in their games throughout the season.

“This team worked together really well, were ready and did what the moment called for,” Hough said. “They may not have all been the best players that we’ve ever had, but they showed that they were the best team.”

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