Shannon Keil, president and CEO of The Regent, is running for Honorary Mayor of Riverview and fundraising for two local charities.

In a time-honored tradition, the Honorary Riverview Mayor’s race is sponsored by the Riverview Woman’s Club and is off to a to an incredible start. Although there is no ‘political’ affiliation with this race, the candidates use this forum to raise money for charities close to their hearts.

This year, Shannon Keil, president and CEO of The Regent, has thrown her hat in the ring. Keil resides in Riverview with her husband of 24 years, John, along with their children, Shawn, Kaleigh and Taylor; son-in-law, Jaime; and grandchildren, Dominic and Alivia. Keil will be raising money for two charities: Mary & Martha House and Black Dagger Military Hunt Club.

Mary & Martha House has helped hundreds of abuse victims escape domestic violence. This charity holds a special place for Keil. Laurie Herring, executive director of Mary & Martha House, passed away in September 2021. Herring and Keil were best friends, so raising money for this charity was certainly a priority for Keil.

“My heart and passion for Laurie, my best friend who passed away three years ago, would push me through the busy season I am in to be successful,” said Keil. “Laurie’s birthday is April 12, and what better way to celebrate her birthday than to raise money for the month for her passion driver, domestic abuse prevention and the Mary & Martha House?”

The second charity that is close to Keil’s heart is the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club. Black Dagger, founded in 2010, serves the community through adaptive outdoor programs for injured or wounded veterans. Because the Riverview area has become a home to a large population of active-duty military from the MacDill Air Force Base and Keil’s grandfathers, dad and father-in-law were military, Black Dagger was an easy choice.

“They support veterans as they come through the process of reacclimating back to life and assure that Gold Star families are recognized and lifted out of their grief,” said Keil. “They create events and experiences for the veterans and their families here in our community and the surrounding Tampa Bay area that encourage them to come out and experience life again.”

There will be fundraisers, online auctions and events as well as opportunities to support Keil’s race. On Sunday, April 7, from 5-8 p.m. at The Regent, there will be a hand tools and handbags bingo event to raise money for Keil’s charities.

“I wanted events that men and women would enjoy,” said Keil. “I love a good purse bingo, but I wanted the guys to look forward to coming out too, so we are getting nice power tools involved as well.”

Also, mark your calendars for music bingo on Tuesday, April 16, at Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co. It’s sure to be a great time, and a great event to raise money as well.

“Win or lose, I hope this lights a fire in someone else to do something that changes a life or even something small that changes someone’s course for the day,” said Keil. “We can be the change and the catalyst that makes each of us better, and that can at least change our little piece of the world.”

To see all the online events, raffles, fundraisers and more, follow ‘Shannon Keil for Honorary Mayor of Riverview’ on Facebook.

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