Hair stylist Melissa styling a client’s permanent hair replacement.

Men and women generally lose 50-100 hairs a day. This shedding is unnoticeable because new hair is growing in at the same time. However, millions of Americans experience noticeable hair loss (alopecia areata) due to hormonal changes, medical conditions, aging or a result of heredity. Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be mentally and emotionally devastating.

Custom Hair, with three locations in the Tampa Bay area, including one in Brandon, specializes in finding nonsurgical hair replacement solutions for individuals with hair loss.

Lori Younkman, co-owner of Custom Hair with her husband, Dan Younkman, understands firsthand how hair loss can have an impact on a woman’s self-esteem. Lori’s lifelong struggle with thin hair ended when she decided on permanent hair replacement. She is passionate about solving hair loss challenges, especially for women.

Custom Hair offers the finest quality wigs and hair replacement for men, women and children. What sets it apart from other businesses in the industry is its customer service and dedication to women’s hair replacement. Clients who decide on wigs or toppers (a hairpiece attached to one’s scalp and designed to blend in with natural hair) get a professional fit; education for care of the products; and options for cut, styling and color. Clients who choose permanent-bonded hair are attended to by a professional stylist in a private studio. Their hair solution is designed to fit, customized with a cut and color.

Theresa, a client from Tampa, said Custom Hair’s personal attention makes the difference.

“I’m so grateful I found Custom Hair Tampa. I’ve had alopecia for 19 years. Until three years ago, I was ordering my pieces off the internet, trying to ‘do it myself.’ I was finding it increasingly frustrating to guess how the color and style would look on me once it arrived in the mail,” Theresa said.

Lori said Custom Hair requires appointments because hair solutions are personal. She added, “There’s no pressure. We offer options and solutions.”

Edwin, another Tampa client, found that Custom Hair relieved his frustrations.

“After 60 years of transplants, hair fibers, etc., I just got frustrated with the whole process. Not only did they listen attentively to what I was hoping to achieve, they also went above and beyond to ensure that I felt comfortable and confident throughout the entire process,” Edwin said.

Custom Hair of Brandon is located at 117 N. Kings Ave. To learn more about Custom Hair, visit

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