Carousel Kids Consignment is open for browsing in Lithia’s Winn-Dixie plaza.

By Sara Kitchin

Carousel Kids Consignment in Lithia welcomes families to browse the collection of children’s clothing items in the Winn-Dixie plaza. August is the 19-year milestone of Carousel Kids Consignment providing clothing to the community.

Consignment shops are resale stores in which a consignor gives clothes and other items to the store to be sold and receives a percentage of the money earned from the item sales. Carousel Kids Consignment accepts children’s items and clothing, and the consignor is paid when the items are sold.

Carousel Kids Consignment has a wide variety of clothing from infants to teens. The store also carries useful items for families with children including diaper bags and toys for all ages.

The items that are not purchased by customers are distributed to Floridian families in need for no charge. There are distribution centers around Florida, so all the remaining items are donated rather than resold.

Carousel Kids Consignment is the only children’s consignment store in the surrounding area, making it a unique shopping stop for families. The store is family-owned and continues to run due to the committed customers and a drive to give back to the community.

“We have long-standing clientele,” said Laura Weber, owner of Carousel Kids Consignment. “We have clients that are coming back to us now because they are having grandchildren. While their children are grown and out of the house, they can now come here and shop for the grandkids.”

The Carousel Kids Consignment store is looking forward to some upcoming changes and updates. Its space expanded two years ago, but the expanded space experienced water damage at the beginning of the year. This section will be renovated shortly, leaving more room for donations and items to sell.

The store has a history and a warmth brought by the family that owns it and the families that continue to shop and donate. Carousel Kids Consignment is open Monday through Saturday and encourages all to browse and donate.

For more information on items for sale and donation policies, visit the Carousel Kids Consignment Facebook page or call 813-571-8181.

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