State Attorney Suzy Lopez.

Hillsborough County is growing faster than ever, and not only because of our gorgeous weather and booming economy. People are moving here because our county is a safe bet to start a small business and raise a family. It’s a place where our residents know law enforcement takes public safety seriously. 

One of my top priorities as a state attorney is to work collaboratively with law enforcement partners on important issues facing our residents. Gun violence is at the top of the list. To better meet the needs of our growing community, I have expanded my office’s Gun Violence Unit. This unit is a team of highly trained prosecutors who handle exclusively firearm-related cases.

This restructuring will bring the Gun Violence Unit to a total of five attorneys. It allows our team of specialized attorneys to work hand in hand with law enforcement from the crime scene to the courtroom, giving us the best chance of holding violent offenders accountable.

As prosecutors, our greatest responsibilities are to the victims of crime and protecting public safety. We must use every tool we can to fight gun violence in our community. By expanding the Gun Violence Unit, we will be dedicating significant resources toward prosecuting these brutal crimes that tear families apart.

While it may seem like gun violence won’t happen in your community, I can tell you it has touched every corner of our county. The work this unit performs will make a positive difference no matter where you live. This expansion means we have more attorneys to work closely with law enforcement to keep track of violent offenders before they revictimize our community. It means our attorneys are learning about these cases at the earliest possible stage, moments after the trigger pull, which will create stronger prosecutions.

To ensure Hillsborough County remains a place where people want to live, work and play, we must stand up together to combat gun violence as a community. Addressing gun violence head on, in collaboration with our law enforcement partners, is essential to keep our community thriving. I am proud that our office can play an important role in enhancing public safety as we grow together.

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