Sign Spinner Draws New Business
By Tamas Mondovics
The traditional proverb, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” could not be truer than in the case of 19-year-old Robbie Lee, who took a job many would not think much of and turned it into the most valuable part of the business it serves.Unlike most restaurant workers, Lee, a Franks & Subs employee, works outside the store and is perfecting an advertising tool that came to be called the “sandwich board” or sign spinner. It was first popular in the 19th century, when merchants and tradesmen hired men to carry the placards up and down the streets (sometimes on horseback), promoting their goods and services to passersby.Lee has become the subject of conversations, many of which end with someone admitting to stopping at the restaurant thanks to Lee’s persistent, friendly and, at times, rather comical approach of using the age-old trade.“If it wasn’t for Robbie, we would not be getting the business we do now,” said Franks & Subs owner Junior Santana, who hired Lee because of the restaurant’s somewhat concealed locality.“We are just so out of view here, but Robbie does an excellent job. He is a keeper,” Santana said.Lee is now most famous for his entertaining facial expressions and animated style, drawing customers to the restaurant, located at 13428 Boyette Rd. inside the River Springs Town Center. A tip-jar inside the store allows customers to show their appreciation for Lee’s hard work, who since graduating from Bloomingdale High School has been looking into joining the Navy.Lee works on the corner of Boyette Rd. and FishHawk Blvd. and said that people respond back to his invitation mostly with a wave or a smile and the occasional tease by some younger drivers, but those don’t bother him much.“Sometimes I get made fun of,” Lee said, but added “It doesn’t bother me. I needed a job, and I am glad to have one.” For more information about Franks & Subs, please visit, call 409-3856, or stop by and visit!

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