Joe and Melissa Canfield are running HighTech Automotive as a team. They provide quality automotive service to the local community.

HiTech Automotive has been serving the Brandon area with quality auto services for the past seven years. HiTech automotive is owned and operated by husband and wife, Joe and Melissa Canfield. The couple works as a team and are happy at what the business has become.
“We feel blessed to be in business in such trying economic times,” said Melissa.
HiTech automotive provides full service automotive services. The large eight bay shop provides the space to work on both foreign and domestic automobiles.
“We work on everything from Toyotas to Tahoes,” said Melissa.
Joe, who has more than 20 years of experience in automotive repair, leads a team a qualified mechanics. Everyone who works at HiTech is qualified and has many years of service in the automotive industry.
“We do pretty much everything when it comes to working on your vehicle,” said Joe.
HiTech Automotive can help anyone who is in need of help with their automobile, but HiTech can specifically help many churches or schools who need service on their vans. The lift in the shop is one of the few in the area that can handle large vans.
“We work on many church and school vans in the area,” said Joe.
Because of this lift, HiTech has helped many local churches and Christian schools in the area get back to using the vans they need in their programs. The Canfields are happy that they can help churches and schools in this way.
HiTech automotive is a family owned and operated business that runs by honesty and integrity. The success that HiTech has seen over the years is a testament of quality work, honesty and customer service. 
HiTech is located at 119 S. Montclair Ave. Brandon, open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Visit or call 684-1556.

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